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E-Champ City Micro E Pedal Bike

  • Car paint technology 
  • Removable battery 
  • Foldable frame and adjustable seat
  • 10 ah multi-cell lithium battery 
  • 55km / 35mile range 
  • 250w powerful silent motor
  • Front and rear double disc brake disc design
  • Intelligent dashboard 
  • 25kmh / 15mph max speed
  • Electric horn
  • LED light
  • Adaptive low beam and tail lights
  • Anti slip and anti puncture tyres
  • Easy and effortless pure steel high carbon gear connected
  • Finger print recognition 
  • The methods of unlocking can be mechanical lock, app unlocking and fingerprint unlocking.
  • Indicators
  • Power display
  • Geometric streamlined appearance 
  • Fully UK road legal  
  • 12 month warranty 

Three riding modes 

  • Cycling mode
  • Electric mode
  • Assist mode 

Pre-Delivery Inspection 

We are committed to your safety. This is why we assure you that each of the bikes goes through a rigorous attention to detail mechanical inspection before you ride off. The inspection is carried out by one of our trained technicians.

How will you receive your bike or scooter?

One of our team will deliver your new bike or scooter, fully built, configured and tested. You will receive a full technical handover which includes; explaining the riding modes and demonstrating how the battery is removed. We aim to deliver your bike or scooter at a time that is convenient to you. 

We recommend before purchasing a bike or scooter you take a CBT test and every bike or scooter user wears a helmet.