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Our Story

We are The Electric Scooter Company and we sell the UK's coolest custom made road legal and off road electric bikes.

Our team at The Electric Scooter Company have an obsession to create two wheeled transport that emits zero emissions. Our silent motors mean you won't be contributing to air or noise pollution. 

Our E Champ Bikes are light compared to a regular combustion bike. A dramatic reduction in weight, clean electric energy powers our E Champ bikes. 

The fact that there is no pollution or fumes is true evidence of sustainability since there are no fluids, grease, petrol or oil. 

The purpose of our E Champ brand is to inspire people contributing to speeding up their journey towards a zero emission future.  

Combining excitement with responsibility to the environment 

Thanks to the progressive span of our electric bikes throttling and braking is all there is to it. That together with the lightness, the absence of noise and the fact that one can present the level of performance invites everyone regardless of previous experience to enjoy the ride with E Champ