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Our Partners and Charities

The Electric Scooter Company is proud to support the WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature. The WWF’s mission to ‘help create a future where people and nature thrive together’ is a mission we strongly support and align with, so choosing the WWF as our charitable partner was a natural choice (pardon the pun)!

Founded in 1961, the WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. The crucial work of the WWF tackles big challenges such as the climate crisis, making food systems sustainable, putting nature first, protecting important habitats and saving endangered species.

Sustainability and saving the planet is at the heart of all we do at The Electric Scooter Company. We recognise that the choices we make as individuals have an impact on the planet we share as a community. Whether you choose one of our electric scooters to reduce your transport emissions, or one of our sustainable water bottles to combat plastic waste we thank you for doing your part to live consciously. 
How are we supporting the WWF?

£10 of every bike or scooter sale will be donated to the WWF, just use code WWF10 with your purchase! This £10 donation to the WWF could buy 40 seedlings for forests in Tanzania.